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1954 Cessna 170B
Too Cool!
1954 Cessna 170B Simulator
Marc Gebhart of 2V2 Sim Aircraft Company designed a  virtual 1954 Cessna 170B using our airplane as a model.  It is an exact copy of N2865C with the exception of a few minor changes to the lower instrument panel, flaps and trim accommodate the software.  It is designed for use on the X-Plane Flight Simulator.  Marc did an unbelievable job.  

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MAC Gamer Says:
"X Plane is a fabulous example of everything a flight simulator should be: Super-realistic and frequently updated. You can expect incredible scenery and gorgeous 3D while enjoying true-to-life piloting so faithful to the real thing that it's FAA approved for training towards an airline transport certificate. Wow."


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